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A lot of men and women shy away from using dating sites because they are overtly sexual and the members on the dating sites usually only have one thing in mind: meeting up to hook up. PassionSearch, on the other hand, was the only dating site I was able to find that was true to its word.This dating site is not about searching for sex; its about finding love, passion, romance and hopefully “The One”. The amount of success stories this dating site has under its belt was enough to convert me into signing up for a membership.Not to brag, but I’ve already gone on two promising dates and have a third set up for the end of the week. Jealous?

SexSearch is a great site if you are looking to hook up with someone online and off. Obviously the name of the site is pretty straight forward, and 90% of the members are only interested in meeting up for sexual purposes.The thing that sets this site aside from all of the other “sex” search dating sites out there is THIS ONE IS NOT SKETCHY! Oh my god, I was beyond relieved when I came across normal people on this site who just happened to share some of the same fetishes as me. I actually felt safe discussing sex with complete strangers on this site, which is a shocker. Definitely check out SexSearch if you’re looking for a good time.

Not unlike SexSearch, many members of this site are looking for people to hook up with. Also, I felt very comfortable and safe while browsing through the site and chatting with other members. I did notice a few differences between XXXMatch and SexSearch, however.XXXMatch is perfect for those people who are looking for sex dating partners. You know, a little more than just a hookup and a little less than a long term relationship. Also, XXXMatch seemed to be THE place for people with awesome fetishes flocked. If you have a crazy kinky fetish that you want to act out and can’t find anyone, I BET you will be successful on XXXMatch.

Of all the niche dating sites I’ve come across, ManPlay is by far the best online dating site for gay men. No, I am not a gay man, but I do have many gay male friends who are frequent users of online dating sites. I asked them to check out ManPlay and give me some on their own personal feedback.All of them were nearly unanimous in their praise of ManPlay. They mentioned how the layout and interactive features of the site caught their attention immediately. They also mentioned that they preferred ManPlay’s method of guiding it’s members through a step-by-step tutorial on filling out their profile the proper way in order to attract the most attention online from other users. One of my friends even went on a successful date!


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Clearly the web designers over at PoF headquarters gave up on their jobs. The layout and overall physical appearance of this dating site is absolutely horrible. Comic Sans MS as a font, really PoF? Anyway, this dating site is full of deadbeat men and women who barely graduated high school.Apparently at one point in time PoF was the shit in the dating world. Now it is just shit. Honestly, I don’t have much to say aside from this: if you are looking for the type of guy that would have been friends with Marshall Mathers pre-Eminem days, definitely check out this site. Trailer trash!

Just the front page of this site reminds me of those horrible virus pop-up pages that you see when you are surfing on cheap porn streaming sites. You know the ones with the 30 thumbnail pictures of women performing unspeakable acts. Because of this, I would not feel comfortable talking to let alone meeting up with anyone from this dating site.I’m still not convinced that the site itself isn’t just one big scam. Join at your own risk.

Alright, this website appears pretty decent until you actually make an account. The constant messages asking me to fill out and answer questions about myself in order to find my “perfect match” get extremely annoying after spending five minutes on the site.This dating site’s “shtick” is all about matching people with other people based on percentages. Also, if you don’t go into your preferences and uncheck the box that says “send notice to e-mail” you will receive hundred of annoying email messages into your personal inbox.I’m convinced this site gets off on spamming it’s members.

¬†Oh. My. God. This dating site REQUIRES each member to answer a series of A MILLION multiple choice questions before you even get an email letting you know if you are a suitable match for anyone. You aren’t allowed to search for people yourself, the site matches you with other members itself.This site is definitely for those who are DEAD serious about finding the person they want to marry. I mean, if you are willing to sit at your computer screen to answer literally a million multiple choice questions, then go for it. I’m definitely not down for this kind of online dating, and I can safely say I know that most people aren’t.Try sitting still and getting through at least half of the questions, I dare you. You will give up.